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If you think you can't find a healthy guilt-free dessert you can enjoy, then you have not yet tried Rawberry Desserts. 

Launched in November 2020, Rawberry Desserts mission is to make 100% healthy and nutritious desserts for Oahu community. Rawberry Desserts cake studio closed in December 2023, due to location change. 

All Rawberry Desserts treats are raw, vegan and gluten free, made only from natural and organic ingredients, and without any refined sugar or artificial colorants and preservatives. 

Our desserts are allergy friendly, and can be customized for different diets, preferences, restrictions and allergies, such as diabetic sugar free cakes, keto, nut free cakes and more. ​

Raw desserts chef
Inga Kaplan
Owner of Rawberry Desserts

I started Rawberry Desserts in November of 2020, just 6 months after the pandemic hit and my second daughter was born. More than ever before I noticed a huge lack of healthy sweets in the market, and I have a huge sweet tooth. Moreover my biggest motivation still is my two little girls, which I want to raise with good food. 

Coming from Latvia and having my mom being as one of the best pastry chef's in town, I was raised to appreciate the quality and that every ingredient matters.


Rawberry Desserts is my passion, my share towards bettering our world and life by sharing my knowledge about the importance of healthy lifestyle and consuming more plant based ingredients. 

As a chef I have learned from the best - my guru and plant based chef inspiration Olga Mankova, My Plant Cake, and Crystal Bonnet, Crystal Dawn Academy. And many more hours of experimenting in the kitchen.

Nothing compares to the taste of fresh quality ingredients and raw plant based cake!

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