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Not your traditional cake! Classical raw cake is not baked, and is free from processed ingredients, gluten, eggs, dairy and refined sugars. Raw cake is naturally smaller in size than traditional baked cakes, however these cakes are very dense in nutrients and flavors, as they are made using only wholesome ingredients such as cashews or coconut (nut free cakes), natural sweeteners, organic fruits, and cacao ingredients.


Only wholesome and organic, nothing artificial! Nuts and seeds are widely used; they are activated to release their full nutrient potential, and for easier digestion. Some nuts afterwards are slowly dehydrated for up to 36 hours to maintain their nutrients, and to add a great crunch. Cashews are used in most our cakes, coconut ingredients are used in nut free cakes, and cacao products are used for chocolate flavors. In some cakes these ingredients can be omitted or replaced. 


Sweeteners used - maple syrup, agave, Lakanto (Monkfruit & Erythritol), or only dates and fruits! 


Raw cakes typically consist of at least two parts - the crust or base, and a filling or cream. It is made using a food processor and a high-speed blender, using nuts, seeds, fruits and coconut for the crust, and for the filling - cashews, macadamia nuts and/or coconut. Cacao butter and/or coconut oil are essential ingredients of raw cakes, as they are used as binding agents, and also to enhance the flavor of the cake. 

Finally, the cake is placed to set in the freezer for about 8-10 hours. Before serving the cake ideally requires to be slowly defrosted in the fridge for 4-8 hours. The customer typically receives the cake in a semi-defrosted state, to ensure it stays fresh and reaches the destination in a perfect shape. Raw cake is at it's best flavors when properly defrosted and enjoyed shortly after removing from the fridge. 


Our cakes come in two sizes:

6", serves 8-12 people 

8", serves 12-16 people


Baked cakes


Cakes with fondant and edible images/photos


Individual servings or sample cakes (smaller size cake can be made only together with a regular size cake order (perfect for smash cake parties!)

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