Wedding and Gourmet Cakes

Amaze your guests with the most beautiful, delicious and healthy cake on your special day! And no one will ever believe that the cake is made purely from plants!

Tell us about your dream cake, and we will work with you to design the flavors, colors and style to make your cake the center of your celebration!

Surf Theme Cake


Soft ombre color crust, colored with blue spirulina, inside - almond date crust, two layers of vanilla and blueberry cashew creams, blackberry ginger jam, finished with edible gold touches.

40th Birthday Cake


Red Velvet cake sponge, made with fresh beet puree, cacao powder and coconut, organic strawberry jam, coconut frosting made with young coconut meat, decorated with fresh flowers.

Wedding Cake


1st tier - pistachio rose cream with chocolate crust, 2nd tier - lilikoi lime cream with coconut crust. Vanilla frosting, finished with handcrafted velvet ombre chocolate, and decorated with fresh orchids and edible gold.

Stand With Ukraine Cake


NUT FREE. Blackberry Lemon Curd Cake. Banana coconut crust, lemon curd cream, fresh organic blackberries. Finished with handcrafted velvet chocolate, colored with turmeric and blue spirulina.

50th Birthday Cake


Chai Spiced cashew cream, maple candied pear center, pecan, almond and goji crust, decorated with handmade black velvet chocolate, colored with activated coconut charcoal powder, finished with fresh orchid flowers and curly willow.

Velvet Heart Cake


Cookies 'n Cream filling, made with young coconut meat and activated cashews, crunchy chocolate and sprouted buckwheat crust, colored with chocolate velvet coating and finished with edible gold.

40th birthday cake


Top tier - Strawberry Cream, coconut date crust. Bottom tier - Pina Colada, NUT FREE. Mango and pineapple mousse, coconut date crust, coconut ganache.

Black Velvet Cake


Multiple layers or strawberry, lemon curd and blueberry creams, crunchy almond crust, finished with black velvet chocolate and fresh orchids.

1st Birthday Cake


Strawberry cashew cream with fresh strawberries, coconut crust, cashew frosting, colored with beet powder, maqui berry powder, blue spirulina and pitaya.

Wedding cake


Coconut crust, bottom tier - chocolate cream with chocolate ganache and candied hazelnuts, top tier - mascarpone cream with strawberries.

Black Forest Roll Cake


Made for holiday

Hazelnut cake sponge, cherry chia jam, fermented cashew vanilla cream, dark chocolate coating.

Petite Pistachio Rose Ice Cream Cake


Made for birthday

Freshly made pistachio milk,

young coconut meat, cashews, strawberry cream, rose petals

Petite Chocolate Coffee Cake


Crunchy brownie crust, chocolate coffee fudge, mocha cashew cream

Pistachio Strawberry Tart


Made as a special offer

Coconut date crust, strawberry chia jam, strawberry cream, pistachio cream, decorated with rose petals. 

Mascarpone Tart


Cashew shortbread crust, mascarpone cream, decorated with fresh berries.