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Which cake would you choose?

I recently received a phone call asking if it's a vegan bakery? And I found myself hesitant and not knowing how the best to answer. (And just a quick reminder that I do not bake and all my desserts are raw - to preserve all natural vitamins and minerals)

I said "yes", knowing, that it paints a completely different picture of what I do and how my desserts are made, and I also knew that most probably the customer was not looking for my product, but a baked vegan cake.

And that is absolutely fine!

The point is not about this phone call or customer - we all have our choices how to best fuel our bodies, and regardless of what food we choose - we always should be happy about it and learn to enjoy every bite!

However I want to do my best educating my community about raw or plant based desserts and it's health benefits, because who knows - maybe one day they will become your favorite treats!

Also "vegan" has become such a trendy thing, that it has been misinterpreted so often - it is even used as equal to plant based, which is not correct at all!

I have made this comparison about cakes to easily show the differences and what to expect from the cake. And - why I do what I do. And you tell me - which cake would you choose?

What does vegan cake mean then?

Vegan cake is made without eggs and dairy products - that's the core difference from traditional cakes. That's it! It doesn't mean it's gluten free, however of course can be made that way, it doesn't mean it is refined sugar free or has no processed ingredients.. It does not mean that vegan cake is a "health food" - if a cake is heavily processed, it is still processed - vegan or not.

What does raw or plant based cake mean?

Let me start by explaining briefly what is raw - it is a subset of veganism and of course it excludes all foods of animal origin. Then it adds the concept or raw foodism, meaning that foods should be eaten raw or heated at temperatures below 104–118°F (40–48°C) to preserve all natural vitamins, enzymes and minerals. Also raw foodism doesn't use processed ingredients as white sugar and flour, artificial food colorings and preservatives, conventional food etc., and these last two concepts make HUUUUGE difference from just vegan diet or cakes!

So this is exactly how our cakes are made:
- always from scratch, using the most seasonal, best and freshest ingredients we can source
- they are never baked - they are made to keep all the amazing nutrition from fruits, nuts and seeds
- all nuts and seeds are activated for easier digestion.

I have lots of fun creating everything from scratch - home-made chocolate, plant based frosting, all garnishes such as candied nuts and so much more have been carefully dehydrated at 115F for 8+ hours, thus they never lose their nutritional value.

I believe, once you've tried your raw and vegan dessert, you fall in love with flavors, how dense they are in nutrients, and that you finally can eat a dessert EVERY DAY! And that is exactly what I'm doing!:)

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