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This is not an easy post but I feel it's so necessary! As it is our children who are affected the most, since they are the biggest consumers of..


It is claimed that artificial dyes cause serious side effects especially in children, such as hyperactivity, cancer and allergies.

Think about all those candies, traditional birthday cakes, cereals, sodas, chips, baked goods.. we get for our children to celebrate them.

I remember buying a super giant cake from Costco years ago, for less than $20, for my child’s birthday. Amazing price! If not the ingredient list.. (see photo)

It was like looking at a science experiment – most of the ingredients I didn’t understand and knew nothing about. And all those colors used to color a brown chocolate cake (all 6 below mentioned to be exact) – yellows, and blues, and reds..

Did you know that some food dies have been banned in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and other countries, but still allowed in United States?

Below are the food dyes, approved by both the EFSA and the FDA:

🔴 Red No.40 (Allura Red). Used in sports drinks, candy, condiments and cereals.

🔴 Red No.3 (Erythrosine). Used in candy, popsicles and cake-decorating gels.

🟡 Yellow No.5 (Tartrazine). Found in candy, soft drinks, chips, popcorn and cereals.

🟡 Yellow No.6 (Sunset Yellow). Used in candy, sauces, baked goods and preserved fruits.

🔵 No.1 (Brilliant Blue). Used in ice cream, popsicles and icings.

🔵 No.2 (Indigo Carmine). Found in candy, ice cream, cereal, snacks.

The next time the occasion arises and it’s time to get a cake, here are 3 very basic questions to ask your baker:

✅ What ingredients do you use? Basic question, right? And how many of them you can pronounce and know?

✅ Do you use any preservatives in your cake?

✅ Do you use any artificial colors? Most of the bakers do.


That’s why we do what we do, and that’s why all our cakes are made with natural and organic ingredients only, and colors from nature such as turmeric, cacao, blue and green spirulina, beet powder.

A cake which is healthy and nutritious for you and your children, and you don’t have to try to google and translate the ingredient list.

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