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Are raw cakes expensive?

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Raw cakes are too expensive.. Let's talk about it!

Below you will read what cakes are available on our market in Oahu, what makes the price of a cake, and is it really expensive?

You need a cake, let's say - for your child's 4th birthday. What cake do you want for your child? What ingredients do you want to have in the cake? What is your budget?

Now you'll have to believe me when I say, that I have done tons of research about the cake market on Oahu. So you have a few choices, depending on your wishes and how much you are willing to spend:

  • Big grocery stores as Costco, Safeway, Target - extremely affordable however, I'm sorry, but also extremely unhealthy and packed with artificial colorants, preservatives and non-food-like ingredients. Do you want to feed these cakes to your child?

  • Custom cake from a bakery of your choice - besides traditional cakes and ingredients, here you can have a bit more choice of vegan or not, gluten free or not. And that is pretty much all.

You'll need to look really hard to find both - vegan as well as gluten free. And if you also wish for refined sugar-free, or even all sugar free, and all natural or organic, then you will have to stick with a homemade smoothie..

However, if traditional custom cakes are absolutely fine with you, then the pricing for most bakeries starts at $60-$70.

What if you wish for all natural and organic ingredients, gluten free, dairy free, without any refined sugar, or artificial colorants or preservatives. A cake which is absolutely safe, nutritious, with clean ingredients and healthy even for little babies, and you know each and every ingredient inside the cake. Do you know any?

Honestly, I didn't either. But that was exactly what I wished for my children.

And that's why I started Rawberry Desserts..

So why are raw cakes considered expensive?

Because you'll not find any other cakes likes this in the market! Because raw cakes don't have most of the ingredients used in traditional cakes - no white flour, no refined sugar, no preservatives nor any artificial colorants.. Raw cakes have only clean, wholesome and organic ingredients as organic nuts, coconut, organic berries, superfoods.

How much do organic berries cost at the grocery store? What about organic nuts, maple syrup, Medjool dates and coconut? Yes, they are expensive, and I also wish that one day organic and healthy foods will be more affordable.

Now, how much did you pay for a slice of a cake last time you went to a restaurant? What was in that cake? When was that cake made?

Now we're talking numbers! You probably paid $8-$10 for that slice, and most probably it was a traditional cake and no customizations.

What if I told you that you can get 100% healthy, organic and plant based cake for less than $8 per slice! Which cake would you choose?

Yes! Our Classical Selection cakes start at $75 and serves up to 10 people. It means - healthy cake for not even $8 per slice! And you know all the ingredients, you know that the cake is made to order, you know that everything is fresh, natural and organic. And the nutrition you get from raw cakes are not compatible in any way!

I know that you might not have an occasion for the whole cake, and that is most often the reason I hear from my customers. However not many know that these cakes store amazingly in the freezer for up to 2 months! And that is the KEY! You get your healthy cake and your money's worth. You can cut the cake into small pieces, store it in the freezer, and enjoy piece by piece - whenever you wish.

I also thought that raw cakes were expensive. Not anymore. I used to spend tons of money on buying cookies, chocolates, and other sweets which didn't give me any nutritional value, just made me crave more sweets.

And believe me - raw desserts changed my life in the healthiest way possible! I never crave regular sugar anymore - my sweet tooth is happy, and my body and mind has the energy and nutrients for the whole day. And so does my whole family!

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