Holiday Celebration Selection

6", serves 8-12 people, $125

8", serves 12-16 people, $165

Keto and diabetic options +$20

These cakes will be the center of your holiday celebration - healthy, beautiful, unique, and delicious! Carefully selected flavors to make your celebration the one to remember!

Each cake are decorated with our handcrafted holiday spiced chocolate truffles!

All cakes are sweetened with organic grade A maple syrup.


Christmas Cake

The most perfect holiday cake! Moist gingerbread cookie dough crust and holiday spiced orange cashew cream, complimented with handcrafted cranberry marmalade. Topped with chocolate truffles.

Add coconut marmalade Christmas tree decoration for additional $12.

Golden Milk Caramel

Delicate cream, made from fresh young coconut and cashews, and infused with warming golden milk spices, perfectly complimented with handcrafted date and mesquite salted caramel and pecan coconut carob crust. Topped with candied pecans and chocolate truffles.


Key Lime Cake


Moist superseed crust and the cream made solely from local avocados and limes, this cake will leave you craving for more. Topped with handcrafted dark chocolate truffles, coated with nature colored coconut. 

Hazelnut Mocha 

Most delicate and delicious layers of hazelnut vanilla cream and hazelnut mocha cream, complimented by crunchy whole hazelnuts, moist hazelnut crust, and topped with handcrafted chocolate truffles.


Please reach out to us with any questions or custom inquiries!
*All prices are subject to Hawaii Sales Tax.