Children Cakes

Custom cakes starting from 1st birthday and for those forever young! 

Cakes for children are the most special! Every little child has their own strong personalities, their likes and dislikes, favorite colors, shapes and flavors. And creating a cake for a child is what we love the most! 
Let these cakes serve you for inspiration as there are endless options and flavor combinations we can create for your little one. We will make the perfect healthy cake matching your wishes and budget!


1st Birthday Smash Cake

Moist banana coconut crust, pineapple cashew cream, vanilla cashew frosting, handcrafted pineapple marmalade bear decoration.


Rainbow Birthday Cake

Banana coconut crust, strawberry and mango cashew creams, decorated with handcrafted strawberry mojito and orange marmalade, strawberry cream popsicle, vanilla drip, colored with blue spirulina, and handcrafted white chocolate truffles.


Rainbow Birthday Cake

Shortbread crust, New York style cheesecake cashew cream, strawberry jam center, decorated with handcrafted strawberry and orange marmalade, lime popsicle and white chocolate truffles.


1st Birthday Cake

Rafaello coconut crust, white chocolate and raspberry cashew cream layers, complemented with fresh organic raspberries and mixed berry decoration, and handcrafted coconut marmalade bear.


Rainbow Cake

Multiple creams colored with natural colorants - strawberry and blueberry cashew creams, coconut cream colored with blue spirulina and turmeric, moist banana coconut crust. Complimented with fresh organic blueberries inside. Decoration - strawberry marmalade unicorn.


Pink Unicorn

Multiple layers of strawberry, lemon curd and blueberry creams, with crunchy almond crust, vanilla frosting and finished with white and raspberry velvet chocolate coating. Edible chocolate horns and ears.


1st Birthday Cake

Banana coconut crust, mango cashew cream with fresh mango pieces, finished with velvet chocolate coating, colored with blue spirulina, handcrafted chocolate bear and chocolate letters.


Birthday Cake

Vanilla cashew cream, hidden lemon coconut sponge, topped with strawberry lime marmalade décor and fresh berries and fruits filling.


Ocean Theme Cake

Chocolate vanilla cashew cream, walnut date crust, finished with blue spirulina colored white chocolate velvet coating and raspberry white chocolate ocean decor.


Berry Hibiscus Coconut

NUT FREE. Special coconut milk and cherry marmalade design for 1st birthday.


Blueberry White Chocolate Cake

NUT FREE. Coconut date crust, zebra layers of organic wild blueberries and coconut white chocolate.


1st Birthday Cake

Strawberry cashew cream with fresh strawberries, coconut crust, cashew frosting, colored with beet powder, maqui berry powder, blue spirulina and pitaya.


Blueberry Blue Spirulina Cake

Made for gender reveal party!

Almond coconut crust, blueberry cream colored with blue spirulina, blueberry chia jam center. 


Raspberry White Chocolate Zebra Cake

Made for kid's birthday

Raspberry and white chocolate cream zebra layers, candied and dehydrated pears, colored with turmeric, beet powder, blue and green spirulina.