About Us

Launched in November 2020, Rawberry Desserts mission is to make 100% healthy and nutritious desserts for Oahu community.

All Rawberry Desserts treats are raw, vegan and gluten free, made only from natural and organic ingredients, and without any refined sugar or artificial colorants and preservatives. 

Our desserts are allergy friendly, and can be customized for different diets, preferences, restrictions and allergies, such as diabetic sugar free cakes, keto, nut free cakes and more. 

At Rawberry Desserts we make cakes using ingredients in their simplest wholesome form, which makes it ideal for babies and toddlers, expecting and nursing moms, and for people who are not able to enjoy traditional desserts due to various food allergies or preferences. 

If you think you can't find a healthy guilt-free dessert, or one that suits your preferences, then you have not yet tried Rawberry Desserts!


Inga Kaplan

​Raw Vegan Desserts Chef



Useful Information

What is raw dessert?

It is a no-bake dessert highly valued because of its nutritional value and health benefits. It is made from only natural plant-based ingredients like nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, and is refined sugar free and most allergen free, thus creating a healthy alternative to traditional desserts. You never have to feel guilty or compromise your health to enjoy a dessert!

What are the allergens?

All Rawberry Desserts treats are most allergen free, and are made using natural plant-based ingredients in their simplest and wholesome form. They are organic, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, sugar free, soy free, no artificial colorants or preservatives. Most raw desserts contains nuts, however they can be made nut free.

Are raw desserts keto and diabetic friendly?

Most of our raw desserts can be adjusted for keto and diabetic diet, without compromising the taste. You still can enjoy a delicious and healthy dessert, without compromising your health or dietary preferences!

Do you offer gluten free desserts?

All our desserts are gluten free, also dairy free, eggs free, refined sugar free, without any artificial colorants.

Are your desserts kids friendly?

Yes! All our desserts are made from only natural and plant-based ingredients in their simplest and wholesome form, and they are also refined sugar free, without any artificial colorants or preservatives normally found in traditional or vegan cakes. Contact us directly to inquire about sugar free cakes, or if your child has any specific dietary requirements or preferences!

What is the difference between cake selections you offer?

Please refer to our cake guide here under each cake selection to learn more about the differences between our three cake selections.

What is the size of your cakes?

All Rawberry Desserts cakes are either 6", which serves 8-10 people, or 8" - serving 12-16 people. Please inquire directly about customized cakes and sizes.

How can I order a custom cake?

Please contact us directly for any custom orders and flavors, and we will be happy to make your perfect cake! Depending on your wishes, we can accommodate some customizations for cakes in our Celebration and Deluxe Selections at no additional charge. 

How do I store my raw cake?

As raw desserts doesn't have any of the artificial stabilizers and preservatives normally used in traditional desserts, they are sensitive to warm temperatures and need to be refrigerated at all times to maintain their texture and flavors. Your raw dessert is best to be kept in the fridge, in a sealed container, for up to 5 days. It also stores great in the freezer for up to 2 months, if you wish to enjoy it for longer.

Raw desserts are meant to be eaten when naturally softened, thus releasing all their natural flavors and enzymes. After retrieving your raw dessert from the freezer, you can transfer it to the fridge, where it will perfectly soften within 4-6 hours.

How do I keep my raw dessert fresh?

Your raw dessert is best to be kept in the fridge, in a sealed container, for up to 5 days. It stores great in the freezer for up to 2 months, if you wish to enjoy it for longer.